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"Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel"
Kevin Trudeau


Naturopathic Medicine

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Many factors play into the development and persistence of chronic disease (high blood pressure, diabetes, heartburn, etc). The general public knows these things are bad but may not fully understand how or why. Naturopathic medicine is for those dissatisfied with the bite sized appointments with their general practitioner, hungry for a thorough explanation of their state of health and who desire options for treatment. Together we can establish and work towards realistic and manageable goals for your health.

  • Screen, diagnose and manage disease
  • Lifestyle and dietary counseling and education
  • Safe and effective supplementation
  • Therapeutic botanical tinctures

Since standard medical practice is to screen and treat absolute disorders this leaves many in a suboptimal state without adequate treatment. They can either wait until their condition degenerates to frank dysfunction, attempt to address their concerns on their own or consult a practitioner suited to their needs.

The naturopathic college is regulated and acknowledged by the government as primary healthcare providers. Graduates have received full medical training and are constantly learning to keep up with the most up to date research via yearly seminars and continuing education credits.