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Cupping Therapy

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At Axis Healthcare we combine cupping therapy with massage therapy and/or acupuncture!

A lot of the media buzz around cupping has toned down since 2016. Cupping is often used to treat the musculoskeletal system. However, did you know cupping can be an effective treatment for much much more? A properly trained Cupping Therapist can help improve digestion, immunity, and even give your face a pick-me-up.


How does cupping therapy work?

The cups can be made of glass, plastic or silicone. A vacuum is created in the cups, then placed on your body, where the skin, fascia, and connective tissue are drawn into the cup. This suction draws blood flow to the area while creating space between all the layers of your body. A Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist or Practitioner is also trained to use cupping according to the medical system to help regulate and balance the body.


What does cupping therapy do?

Unrestricted and proper circulation is essential for any healing process to occur in our bodies. By forcing blood to an area, we promote blood flow and stimulate a beneficial healing immune response. Fresh blood brings more oxygen to the local area, and as our bodies clear away the marks, it will naturally clear up all the accumulated toxins and stagnated blood in the surrounding tissue.

What is Cupping Therapy Good For?

When the skin and tissue are drawn upwards, there is a physical space that is created between skin, fascia, and muscle. Think about when you are trying to undo a bad knot – the more you just yank at it – the worse it gets. If you take the time to pull apart the knotted area and open it up, you can then finally untie it. This is the same thing with cupping, we are pulling and opening up already tense and knotted muscle to release it.

Cupping performed along the back and spine can help to regulate the nervous system. It calms down the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and engages the autonomic nervous system (rest and digest). Many conditions can be attributed to chronic stress – the over stimulation of our fight or flight systems. When our bodies and minds are relaxed healing can finally take place.

Light moving cupping can really target the lymphatic system. By applying just the right amount of pressure, while directing the movement towards major lymphatic centers, cupping can effectively clear out fluid build up while stimulating the lymph system.


What are the marks you get with cupping therapy?

Cupping marks are NOT bruises. Bruising is caused by trauma to the body which results in the damage and rupture of blood vessels. Cupping marks are a result of the pool of red blood cells that are drawn out of capillaries. They are not sore, do not turn a purple/green/yellow color, and disappear within 2-10 days. Yes – cupping can CAUSE bruising when done without care and proper training. That’s why it’s so important to always make sure your therapist has proper cupping therapy training! Marks appear differently on every body; some darker and more purple, some lighter and paler. Not one is better than the other, they just indicate different things (e.g. different circulation).

What to expect? Light cupping ● Should feel very gentle and comfortable. ● No marks, or very slight redness after which should disappear after a day or two. ● Beneficial for: lymphatic drainage, stress relief, edema, acute injury/sprain, children and elderly, blood. ● Circulation, easing digestion (performed on the abdomen) and facial rejuvenation. Medium cupping ● More tension in the cups, comfortable, slight tenderness over trigger points and tight areas. ● Very light to medium marking. ● Beneficial for: muscle tension, injury repair, improve muscle recovery, increasing range of motion, fascial release, cough/colds/flu, lung congestion, scar tissue. ● Most commonly used Strong cupping ● Lots of tension in the cups, feeling of tightness and tenderness over trigger points and restricted fascia ● Medium to dark marking ● Beneficial for: major fascial adhesions and restrictions, very robust/strong body types ● Not for everybody Cupping is a wonderful therapy that can be incorporated into many modalities including massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractics and of course acupuncture! It’s not something to be afraid of when done by a trained professional. Cupping therapy has been a practice that has been around for thousands of years and passed on in families from generation to generation – now we bring the art and the science together to really harness the healing powers of our own bodies.