COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Updated May 29, 2020

We are excited to get back to helping our patients, but first – safety. These are unprecedented times, and at Axis Healthcare the health of our patients and staff remain our top priority – so we are taking every measure to ensure that we continue to provide a safe and comforting space to our patients.

It’s been hard on all of us being away for so long, so we thank you for your understanding, continued patience and loyalty as we navigate through this new territory, together.


Health Precautions

1). All patients will be called and screened the morning of their appointment prior to coming in. Anyone that does not pass the screen will not be admitted to the clinic. (Staff included)

2). Anyone coming into the clinic will be required to use the provided hand sanitizer at the door 

3). All patients will be required to wear and bring their own mask or face covering (cloth masks are acceptable) for the duration of their treatment. There will be a fee charged if you forget yours and we have to provide you with one. We cannot proceed with your treatment without a mask. 

4). All staff will also be wearing medical grade procedure masks during your appointment. 

5). Gloves are not required to be worn by our staff during treatment, as per government and regulating college guidelines. (Proper and frequent hand hygiene protocols will be followed). You may find some of your practitioner prefer wearing gloves and if you are more comfortable with your therapist wearing gloves, please let them know.

6). We have reduced the number of patients each staff member will be seeing per day.

Physical Distancing Measures

1). Please come alone to your appointment (unless physical assistance is required or you are coming with a household member that also has an appointment)

2). Arrive for your appointment time, and if you are early we ask that you wait in your car or outside the clinic

3). The reception area has been rearranged to meet physical distancing guidelines

4). Appointment times are staggered and there is a 30min buffer time between appointments to reduce cross-patient contact 

Extra Sanitary Precautions

1). All cleaning products we will be using are Health Canada approved for being effective against COVID-19

2). We have scheduled in 30 minutes between all appointments to thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces

3). All extra items not required for your treatment have been removed from the treatment rooms & reception area 

4). All the staff will follow strict cleaning and sanitation procedures as outlined by the Government and all regulatory Colleges

If you are experiencing any symptoms please contact your family doctor, check yourself into a COVID-19 assessment centre, or CLICK HERE TO PROCEED TO THE SELF-ASSESSMENT WEBSITE

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