Clearbanc Corporate Wellness

In – office treatments from 9:30am – 3pm on Tues Dec 17, 2019

We do direct insurance billing and can accept credit card payments on site.

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About Axis Healthcare

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We pride ourselves on our quality of care, our energetic and dynamic team, and breaking out of the box when it comes to our treatments.


What we will be offering

The following are all 30minute treatments designed to deliver a dose of the wonderfuls! 


30 minute massage with a focus of your choice (upper body vs lower body). Full treatment table, no chair massages here!
Deep tissue, sports, or relaxation. Cupping therapy can also be incorporated into your massage. Covered under Registered Massage Therapy.


30 minute Chiropractic treatment to leave you feeling taller and more aligned! Combining adjustments and muscle release to target neck, back, shoulder or hip pain.
Acupuncture can be incorporated into your treatment. Covered under Chiropractor. 


Sports acupuncture to release pain and tension, reduce injury healing time. Body acupuncture to increase energy, destress, reduce PMS, support fertility, and improve digestion and sleep.
Cupping therapy can also be incorporated into your acupuncture treatment. Covered under Acupuncture.  


Your Therapists 

Meet Carolyn: not just your average Acupuncturist/RMT! A health and wellness enthusiast trained in the art and science of Massage Therapy and Traditional Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine. Carolyn is fuelled by a constant hunger for learning new techniques and approaches to incorporate into her practice. Her passion lies in developing treatments that encourage your body to heal itself. To this end, Carolyn has pursued additional training in Cupping Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) and Functional Range Mobility Training. 

Meet Eddie: Dr. Edward Nigro is our functional movement driven Chiropractor who specializes in sports injuries. Eddie believes in educating people as to allow them to make informed choices on their training, nutrition, and movement. He has worked with various sports teams such as the North York Rangers Jr. A hockey team as well as Unionville’s Men’s and women’s soccer squads in League One.