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Annette Cheung

Registered Dietitian

For the past 2 years, Annette has provided nutrition and lifestyle counselling in a clinical setting for obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Currently, she is completing her Masters of Nutritional Sciences graduate program at the University of Toronto, focusing on sugars and obesity. Her devotion to health and wellness is complimented by her passion for paddling and being on the water, which she does competitively on her women’s and mixed gender Dragon Boat teams.


Annette believes that food is a diverse and universal experience and is driven to support each of her clients in building better relationships with food and their lifestyle. Her approach to nutrition is built upon a foundation of balanced eating, nutritious ingredients, and sustainability. Her appetite for growth and learning nurtures her in being an adaptable practitioner, who is ready to support her clients in their health and wellness journey through nutrition. Annettes practise focuses on Nutrition Therapy, Healthy Eating, Weight Management and Nutrition support for activity and fitness.